I wrote a utility because I wanted to quickly print my parties character sheets, so that while offline we could play with them then update in FG later. So this application that I wrote is an XSL parser that creates a JSON file that can be used by a website I found to allow for importing / exporting and printing of characters. It runs really fast and is easy to use with standardized controls and input dialogs.

Follow install and usage instructions here: https://amerisun.me/manual/ and you can turn the Fantasy Grounds Export XML files into JSON to import and work for printing from the link in the manual to Daryl Buckle’s DND Character Sheets.

I have provided links to my GitHub there as well so if you’re not comfortable with installing software I have written, you can download and compile yourself with Visual Studio. Could also verify and check my code. This should work on most new Windows 10 machines and Windows 11 with Dot Net 6.0 installed. I haven’t done any cross platform work with Dot Net yet but I will be researching having the ability to run this on other platforms also because Dot Net 6.0 should run on Mac and Linux. (no promises) 🙂

If you do install from the location I have above, it will auto update when I fix / add enhancements to it. You can also keep an eye on the github if that’s your thing.

If you have any questions or want to interact with me on this, you can comment on this post, or come to the Fantasy Grounds Forum Post I had made.

Technically this program could do any conversion of your character if you have an XSL 1.0 transformation document.

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