I found a method of using Discord-Audio-Pipe to connect through to a discord bot. I figured this out by piecing together a handful of posts from fantasy grounds and the Syrinscape forums.

I created a YouTube tutorial for this, and it produces superior sound to piping the output of the Syrinscape player directly to Discord through a mic or secondary computer using Voicemeeter or the streaming option.

Any comments or suggestions on the video are welcome, hope this helps someone out!

2 thoughts on “Discord Bot for Syrinscape Tutorial – Stereo Output using Discord Audio Pipe

  1. Amerisun, I am struggling to figure out how to get this to work. I have downloaded voice banana, cable input and made a discord bot. At one point a month ago I did get it to work. Could you help me figure it out? I would be willing to pay for your time.

    1. I don’t use Voice Banana in my tutorial, perhaps you have this mixed up with something else? Be sure to follow the video tutorial attached as I use the Virtual Audio Cable to do the work (very simple compared to the banana components).

      Hope you can get it to work! If not you can give some more details over on the reddit post I have for this as well here: https://www.reddit.com/r/FantasyGrounds/comments/m5s5d7/sounds_for_your_games_syrinscape_discord_and_an/

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